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Yandere Simulator: What the F_ _ _?

Well, last week I came across the weirdest/creepiest of games. This time for real, thing couldn’t get more strange. Yandere Simulator is a Japanese-themed game that takes place in a high-school. The player is Yandere-Chan, a teenage girl who is in love with an older guy at her school, Senpai, and doesn’t notice her.

Teenage years are hard, we all know it, and every other girl would go tell a friend and cry at her room for a while. Yandere-Chan, however, is clearly perturbed and comes up with a plan: she is going to kill every other girl at her school so that Senpai has no other choice but to fall in love with her. It’s the typical sensitive plan in which nothing can go wrong. Yep.

The thing is that all the killing needs to happen on the sly, we don’t want anyone (specially not Senpai) getting suspicious. Every time we kill one of the girls we need to drag to the body to a dump/oven (which is conveniently placed in front of the school) and burn it. Oh, and of course all the blood need to be cleaned and Yandere.Chan’s bloody uniform must be changes. I swear that  this game makes you feel like such a creep.


As if this was not weird enough, the game is filled with the most random non-sense features. The protagonist can permanently have a toaster hanging from her mouth, change her boob size or change h
er hairstyle to look like Son Goku…all that normal stuff. To top it all up, if you press “T” at any time, a group of naked giant titans will start parading around the high school while epic Japanese music starts playing.


If you want to receive information about your classmates (who is in love with Senpai etc..)  there is a girl who will sell information cards in exchange for pantyshots. Yes…pantyshots. In order to take them you need to crawl under your female classmates…which is just weird.

After reading what kind of game Yandere Simulator is, would you play it?



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