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The movie “Jurassic World” just came out, last month was the Jurassic Park month (I didn’t know there was such a thing either)… it’s the perfect time to rescue a little game from the dusty old trunk: Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

This game from 2003 is just adorable. The player is the manager of the actual Jurassic Park and has freedom to design it to attract as many visitor as possible. It works pretty much like a zoo but with dinosaurs, which is way cooler. The more visitors pay the ticket, the bigger your budget will be to keep improving the park. Piece of cake!

Simultaneously, you need to complete certain missions to move on with the game. We are talking about a park with dinosaurs on it, so basically everything could go wrong. For example, in one of the missions you need to fly a helicopter around the park and sedate all the carnivorous, which have gone mad and are eating all the herbivorous. In another mission you need to take photos of the park from a safari car to make it look as dangerous as possible in order to attract wealthy investors.

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is a lovely throwback with those graphics that almost bring tears to your eyes. You should check it out. I even found a gameplay!



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