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A great discovery:

First of all I’d like to apologize for not having written in a while (I’ve been busy with work and blablbla). Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about a recent discovery I made which, by the way, is taking even more time away from me. At least I have fun with it!

You really need to try this game to get an idea of how addictive it is. It is a browser game and its name is Agar-io. Its concept is pretty simple: each player is a cell floating around in a universe full of cells (other players). The aim of the game is to eat other cells and get bigger until you are in the top ten ranking that you can see in the upper right part of your screen. There is not a real end of the game since there is no real goals apart from being the biggest.


That’s how a very divided cell looks like. It is actually not a good thing to do, since you are more vulnerable,

Big cells can eat smaller cells just by touching them. The bigger you get the slower you are though, and that makes things interesting. there is also the option of dividing yourself into two different cells by pressing the space bar. That way you’ll be faster but also more likely to be eaten since other cells will be bigger than you. If you are divided in two, you can only eat cells that are smaller than your half. You are probably thinking that this sounds so confusing, but you will see that it is a simple game indeed if you check it out.

There are two modes available: the Free for All mode, which is individual, and a Teams mode which you compete in a multiplayer style.

Be careful though. I would strongly recommend you start playing it once you’re with all your duties, because all you can think about once the game is over is “I need to try one more time”.

 If you want to play you can check it out here:



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