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My Favorite Dragon Ball Z games (PC)

I grew up with Dragon Ball. I saw the first series when I was a kid, I moved on to Dragon Ball Z when I became a teenager and onto the other series and media when I became an adult. The one thing that never changed was how much fun it was to watch the characters’ adventures.

The desperate fight against the original Demon Piccolo, the Saiyan and Frieza story arcs, the culmination of every story Akira Toriyama put to pen, I’ve seen it all happen. When games popped up that let me play as my favourite characters I jumped at the chance. I have been playing Dragon Ball Z games for years now, every time laughing with child-like glee when I use a power or beat an opponent. And it’s genuine because the kid, the teenage, the adult and the Dragon Ball Z fan in me is giggling with joy.

Dragon ball Z games are always high-octane action but just as the series they adapt, they’re full of charm, of colourful characters and fantastic humour. As adaptations they have always kept so much of what made the original Manga and Anime so popular. You’ll come for the fights but you’ll stay…well, for the fights too, but also for that unbridled joy Dragon Ball always brings to fans and newcomers alike. Even amidst terrible battles, there is a measure of innocence in Dragon Ball Z that tugs at your heart, and brings some childhood part you might have lost back out to play, if only for the duration of the match.

The following in this list are some of the best free Dragon Ball Z games you can play on your PC. And I think now you know that I wouldn’t recommend them if that wasn’t the case. I love this series with all my heart and I will only recommend you the best of the best. It’s only a shame that my favourite game isn’t on PC: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I have this title on the Wii and it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played!

Before I begin with this list, I’d like to point you to the Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper pack, because the content is outstanding and you’ll want to have these on your desktop while you play, just to get into the right mood! You can find it here.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X lets you play as one of 100 characters from the series. In this fan-made free Dragon Ball Z PC game, you’ll fight out spectacular battles in gorgeous 2D with beautiful sprits and power animations. The developers behind the title are clearly fans and they’ve put a lot of time, effort and love into this game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Official Site

Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budokai

Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budokai not only switches the names around from the official release but this free Dragon Ball Z PC game also transforms your typical Dragon Ball Z brawler into a Turn-based-combat game. It’s a Dragon Ball Z game mixed up with Final Fantasy mechanics.

Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Official Site

Dragon Ball vs Street Fighter

Dragon Ball vs Street Fighter does exactly what he title suggests. It takes the characters from these two popular franchises and mashes them together in a ludicrous 2D fighter. Even if you’ve never conceived of Goku fighting Ryu, you’ll get to see it in this Dragon Ball Z fighting game.

Dragon Ball vs Street Fighter Official Site


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