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Garry’s Mod: A Mod created by Garry Newman (22 years old)

When Valve released Half-Life 2 it didn’t take long for the community to build mods for the game, as is often the case with popular titles. One of those modders was Garry Newman, 22 at the time. His idea was different from others. Instead of altering some portion of the game for fun or a higher challenge, he turned the entire game upside down, giving players a complete sandbox experience and access to tools and models from the source engine for them to play with and experiment with their own crazy creations. That’s how Garry’s Mod aka GMod was born. It’s been 10 years since its release and while originally it was a free title, first a mod for Half-Life 2 and then its own separate game, it’s now available on Steam for $10. You can still have GMod Free though, as the 9.0.4 version is still freeware. That is the last version released before it started being a paid game.


While you can play multiplayer Garry’s Mod games, the Single Player experience is still the core of it all and it’s what we’ll focus on this time. And if you get the free GMod download, this is the only mode you’ll be able to play as version 9 doesn’t support multiplayer.

When you start a new Garry’s Mod game, you will choose the setting, a pre-constructed world to serve as your playground or mad scientist laboratory. At first, it’ll seem like it’s just Half-Life 2 without the story as you’ll have all your weapons from the game. But there is a new one, The Physgun, short for Physics Gun, which will let you manipulate objects: move, set, rotate, etc. If you press and hold Q, you’ll bring up the asset window where you can spawn copies of the different elements, from environmental objects to characters. You then use the Physgun and commands to build your mad creation!

It helps a lot if you have a plan before you start, that way everything seems a lot simpler. Be it a tower of explosives or stacking copies of Eli Vance, having a clear vision of what you want to do will help you achieve it. Or you can do what I do and you just try every option around and just have fun like a child in the sand. It’s the only reason I even clicked on the GMod download button, to mess around.

Since its release, players have not only experimented on their own with the almost endless possibilities of Garry’s Mod but they’ve even published their own games and created custom servers, in a way very similar to how Minecraft works. There are scenarios and custom game modes, from the artistic to the downright insane. One of the first I played when first trying out Garry’s Mod was one where you chose to be part of one of two teams: Hunters and Pidgeons. I am not kidding.

If all of this interests you, then you should try this game. Click here for a Garry’s Mod free download!


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